Enjoy a Designer Joyetech Electronic Cigarette

Enjoy a Designer Joyetech Electronic Cigarette

Review Joyetech Electronic Cigarettes

I have always been a bit of a tech fan, so whenever I need to buy something new, I always try to make sure it is the most technologically advanced device out there. When it comes to smoking, most people probably do not think directly to technology, but I did, which is exactly why I decided to check out the Joyetech Electronic Cigarette, and I am so glad that I did. The Joyetech Electronic Cigarette is unlike any other vaporizer out there. Not only is the piece of equipment truly beautiful, but it also works directly with my smart phone in order to give me very specific information that is just not available with any other electronic cigarette (at last of any that I have seen).


There are several different models of Joyetech Electronic Cigarette available, but the majority of these different models are all going to vary injoytech 510 starter terms of overall size and the battery power. In general though, the functionality of the device is going to be the same. These Joytech Electronic Cigarette options are constructed of high-end stainless steel, so it is possible to avoid damage due to the construction quality. The standard configuration of the Joyetech Electronic Cigarette does include two mouthpieces, a wall adapter, two mouthpiece covers, battery and USB cable (plus a few different features, based on the kind of device that is purchased).

Joyetech eGripFeatures

The feature that really sets the Joyetech Electronic Cigarette apart from other vaporizers is the fact that it connects with my smart phone through a Bluetooth signal and installed application. When the two devices are synced together and I launch the application, I am able to see the exact battery life that is available on the device, plus I can see how many puffs are left in the current cartridge. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to know the math between the number of puffs and total number of cigarettes, so the application shows both the puffs and how many cigarettes it is equal to. Plus, if I ever want to start working on quitting, I can set myself on a plan for how many puffs I take every day, this way I have the ability to see the allotted puffs left.

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