Element E-Liquid Review

Element E-Liquid Review

Element E-Liquid

After months of prodding from my girlfriend, I finally gave up cigars and began to smoke e-cigarettes. I continued to procrastinate because e-cigarettes seemed like the alternative to regular cigarettes, and I like cigars. However, I could tell that her constant worrying about me was affecting her, so I gave vaping a chance. 

From Cigars to Vaping

It wasn’t a very pleasant transition until I discovered Element E-liquid. This unique company provides some of the most original flavors available and each is sold in a bottle with a dropper. The packaging is almost as unique as the flavors, because each bottle looks like it was taken from the periodic table of elements. Flavors like Tangerine and Pink Lemonade appeal to Yvette while I prefer Mojito and Key Lime Cookie. These amazing flavors start at about $7 each, and every serious cloud chaser is sure to love them. My friend and I will even combine the existing flavors into one bottle to create our own masterpieces. With e-liquids from Element, the possibilities are almost unlimited. 

Experimenting With Element E-Liquid

We’ve even gotten into the Mad Scientist role with the much larger and more exotic looking 125 ml bottles. These larger bottles are packaged to sell for $69.00, and they look like beakers from a chemistry lab. It’s a load of fun to combine the different flavors inside the big bottles and see how the flavors turn out. Like all experiments, some of them go better than others; but we have managed to create some pretty good flavors. It’s also interesting to see which colors will result from mixing two or more flavors together, because they can be surprising.

We’ve even made a big event of it, when my friends and I get together on Tuesday evenings. We compare and sample each other’s creations and compete to see who came up with the best new flavor. At our last event, my girlfriend asked me if I still missed cigars, and I had honestly forgotten all about them. I replied, by planting a big kiss right on her forehead to thank her for being so persistent.

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