Dr Dabber Light Concentrate / Wax Vaporizer Review

Dr Dabber Light Concentrate / Wax Vaporizer Review

Dr. Dabber is here with the Light Concentrate/Wax Vaporizer, and it is certainly worth a second of your time to check it out. It is a discreet yet durable device that fits easily into any bag or pocket. Similar in look and feel to some of the original e-cigarettes, the blue light comes on when the vaporizer is active, and you can easily draw vapor through the device to enjoy your favorite concentrates anywhere. 

Dr. Dabber Light Concentrate Vaporizer Composition

One of the things that makes Dr. Dabber and the Light Vaporizer so great is the simplicity of the design. It is a simple three-piece design where you screw the atomizer tightly onto the battery and push the mouthpiece in with an O-ring to hold it in place. An outer sleeve covers the battery/atomizer combo to create the sleek exterior.

This design makes it easy to refill and to keep things clean in between sessions. The Light Concentrate Vaporizer is meant to be a plug-and-play kind of device, so there aren’t any adjustments or settings to muddle through. Instead, Dr. Dabber spent time nailing down the fine details so you can get a dependable draw every time. 

Dr. Dabber CapacityDr. Dabber Light Concentrate Vaporizer Pen

Obviously the Light Vaporizer is smaller than some of the other vape pens on the market, include Dr. Dabber’s own Aurora. Nevertheless, the heating chamber provides plenty of space for you to load your wax and enjoy several hearty pulls before needing to reload.

The battery is also sufficient to get you through numerous vaping sessions before needing a full recharge. Since it’s a low-heat device you can count on a strong flavor and mellow warm-up to reach optimal operating temperatures. 

Other features of the Dr. Dabber Light Concentrate Vaporizer pen kit include their shatterproof storage ball and simple USB charging port. It was designed to handle all of your vaping needs without any complex tools or background.

No matter your experience level with vaporizers or concentrates, it’s pretty easy to pick this one up and get going in a flash. Even after you are accustomed to vaping and start using more advanced technology, this little vaporizer remains a handy addition to any collection as you can carry it with you anywhere and look just like you’re vaping a regular e-cigarette. 

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