Ditch the lighter with South Beach Smoke Reusable E Cigarettes

Ditch the lighter with South Beach Smoke Reusable E Cigarettes

South Beach Smoke Reusable E-Cig Review

I travel a good deal of the time with my work, and often times I am in third world countries, so having access to a power source really is not always a viable option. While I still use my regular vaporizers while at home, during these extended travel visits, I typically switch over to South Beach Smoke Reusable E Cigarettes. These South Beach Smoke Reusable E Cigarettes are perfect as I don’t need to charge them as often and yet each is better than a regular cigarette and less money as well.South Beach Smoke Reusable Express Kit

Some additional benefits of South Beach Smoke Reusable E Cigarettes are:

– 1 Reusable e cigarette cartridge  is equal to about two packs

– No lighter required

– Smoke just about anywhere


Each of the South Beach Smoke Reusable E Cigarettes is equal to about two packs of regular cigarettes. I am able to find the South Beach Smoke Reusable E Cigarettes for a price that often equates to under $2 a pack, which is far superior to what I might pay for cigarettes, even in a third world country. This way, I never need to walk around with a lighter or a charger, as the battery and the liquid nicotine can last me a good period of time. I just need to make sure I have a spare Reusable cig or cartridge on hand for whenever the current one runs out.


Possibly the best benefit of the South Beach Smoke Reusable E Cigarettes is that I can smoke it just about anywhere. Traveling throughout southeast Asia can be a bit difficult for a smoker. While Malaysia and Indonesia are not terribly difficult, and most of the time finding a power outlet really is not much of a problem, Singapore has extremely strict laws regarding smoking in just about any location, and in order to bring in cigarettes into the country, there is a tax on every single cigarette (not just every pack). With these electronic options, I can avoid hefty fines and taxes, plus I’ll have my goods throughout the rest of the continent.

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