Cigavette Ultimate series VIP Go ‘ULTRA’ E-Cig Starter Kit Review

Cigavette Ultimate series VIP Go ‘ULTRA’ E-Cig Starter Kit Review

Checking out Cigavette’s VIP Go ‘ULTRA’ Starter Kit

I’ve been a vaping for about two years now and have tried most of the e-cigs on the market. I hadn’t tried Cigavette‘s offering until I got the Cigavette Ultimate series VIP GO ‘ULTRA’ starter kit.  This kit is incredible. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to give them a try.

Contents of the Kit

The kit comes with two chambers and five different cartridges, so it is easy for me to mix flavors and have different vaping experiences without having to clean and make sure the atomizer is ready to go with the new flavor. The feel of the Cigavette VIP e-cigs are very similar to traditional style smokes, and the looks of them are very similar to the old tobacco smokes I used to love. I was able to adjust the nicotine flow easily so I can have a big nic-fix when I want, or just go with my usual standard ultralite setting. Having the adjust-ability with the Cigavette VIP ULTRA e-cig is a big plus. The kit also comes with a charger to ensure I have fully charged e-cig at all times. I’ve been getting around eight hours of solid use  from the Cigavette’s ULTRA series. This is also a big plus.

Taste and FeelCigavette Ultimate series VIP Go 'ULTRA' Starter Kit

I never experienced that somewhat common chemical aftertaste found in other e-cigs. The vaping is smooth and consistent, if not just a little too sweet. I prefer a vape that is as close to a tobacco and nut flavor as possible, and while this kit comes close, I did find the vaping to be a little sweet for my tastes. But the quality is dead-on and if you like a slight, but not overpowering vape, this is the kit to go with, especially with the price point. The kit is a mid-range priced vaping and equipment kit, so it is awesome because it won’t break the bank.

Final Thoughts on the Kit

There are plenty of hookah flavors for the kit, but not many flavor variants come with the kit, so I had to spend a little extra money getting the flavors I wanted. But that is a small price to pay for using the Cigavette Ultimate Series VIP GO ‘ULTRA’ set E-Cig kit. Grab a kit and give it a try, you won’t be sorry.

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