CIGAVETTE Disposable E-Cig Review

CIGAVETTE Disposable E-Cig Review

CIGAVETTE Disposable are Easy and Affordable

When I decided to grab the CIGAVETTE Disposable E-Cig pack it was strictly because of the price. These were so much less expensive than other brands I though, “Why not, I’ll give them a shot”. I was pretty skeptical about them until I began smoking them. For the money, there seems to be no quality spared with the CIGAVETTE Disposable E-Cig pack.Cigavette Disposable E-Cigs

Inside the Box

Inside the package are two disposable E-Cigs, a USB charger, a battery and two cartridges. Not bad for the price. Nothing felt chintzy or cheap and the E-Cigs had the familiar feeling of traditional smokes. I chose the tobacco pack, but at the store I saw they had this same kit in menthol. With the charger being able to adjust the cartridge between a low to high setting, I get to control how much nicotine comes through when I puff away. When I was a smoker of the traditional smokes, I always smoked Ultra Lights so the CIGAVETTE option to set it low to simulate Ultra Light smokes is great. For anyone who wants more nicotine through the cartridge just adjust the charge setting to a higher level and you get you nicotine fix just as you want it

More about the E-Cig

I was told by the sales clerk that CIGAVETTE designed these E-cigs to simulate the smoking experience people get from a hookah shisha, but in a cigarette design. It smokes as good as some of the more expensive E-cigs I have used and the beauty if, after so many uses you can toss them and grab another. SO with this kit, you get two E-Cigs to start, which lasted me about two weeks. I ended up ordering an 80 pack of cartridges to last me for about a year, and to save money. This is one of the features of this vaping system I like the most. I keep it fresh and new because I can toss the older E-cigs without feeling guilty because they are made to be disposable.

Final Thoughts on the E-Cig

The battery is still going strong from the kit, so it’s obvious CIGAVETTE didn’t shave off quality to save a few bucks. The USB charger is rock solid, again, not cheap of chitzy. At this price point, the quality of this kit is right up there and it is a solid option for people like me,  on a budget but want their vaping experience.

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