Checking out the NJOY KING Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Checking out the NJOY KING Disposable Electronic Cigarette

NJOY KING Disposable Electronic Cigarette

I ordered the NJOY KING  Disposable E-Cigarettes  mainly due to the fact that it looks like a real cigarette. Upon receiving the NJOY it comes in a neat little package; it’s obviously a little heavier than a cigarette but feels very similar in my hand.


  • Traditional Bold—which has 4.5% nicotine
  • Traditional Gold—which has 3.0% nicotine
  • Menthol Bold—with 4.5% nicotine
  • Menthol Gold—with 3.0% nicotine

Some other E-cigarette offer more exotic flavors like , cherry, vanilla, or cotton candy, but I like the fact that NJOY sticks to the classic flavors of actual cigarettes. The electronic tip glows orange, from a distance, it even looks like the burning embers of a real cigarette

NJOY Experience

I tried all 4 E-cigarettes and the traditional bold was by far my favorite. On average I smoke about a 1/2 pack a day so the traditional gold was simply not strong enough for me, but if you were a lighter smoker I believe it would be a good option. I don’t usually some menthol but had the opportunity to try it and was curious about the flavor and effectiveness, to my surprise the flavor and effectiveness of the menthol was quite good. Some of the important factors for me when choosing an E-cigarette is how it feels when I inhale, and also how well it controls the craving. When I used the NJOY the way it hit my throat was much better than other E-cigarettes, it also gave me a nice pull with a generous release of vapor and put my craving in check for a couple of hours. It was really similar to smoking. The menthol was  similar it just had a different flavor.


  • Price is typically much lower than other disposable cigarettes
  • Different strength’s of nicotine vapor
  • 2 classic choices for flavor
  • Looks and feels like a real cigarette


  • The life of the NJOY seemed a little short lived to me
  • While I like just the traditional flavors some people prefer to have more of a choice on flavor.

Other NJOY E-Cigs

NJOY offers a rechargeable E-cigarette kit as well. The kit has one rechargeable battery, one traditional or menthol cartridge refills, and one USB charger. The rechargeable kit would be a great investment, for the person making a long term commitment to the NJOY. Overall I really liked this E-cigarette very much.

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