Atmos Studio Rig E-nail Attachment System Review

Atmos Studio Rig E-nail Attachment System Review

The Atmos Studio Rig Attachment System is a major advancement in e-nail technology that makes it possible to take your whole vape rig with you in your pocket.

Given that these devices are fairly new in the marketplace, many of the options are quite expensive, but Atmos managed to make a cost-friendly version that also performs very well. 

Dual Capabilities

In a stroke of real genius, the Atmos Studio Rig Attachment System works with both concentrates and dry herbs. Inside the box you will find two separate attachments which can be swapped at will. The concentrate dish has a nice deep well, while the dry herb attachment has a sturdy fine mesh that is just perfect. 

The Atmos is also unique in its ability to become a bubbler with just a tiny bit of water. You should definitely take care when filling the lower portion of the rig to not overfill, but this is a nice touch for those who want to have a cleaner vape. 


This e-nail rig is also specially designed to work with nearly any 510 connector device. This means you can pop it on top of your favorite temperature control box or sub-ohm device and it will just do its job.

This opens up a whole world of powerful options for vaping your concentrates and dry herbs. It also makes it important that the Atmos Studio Rig Attachment System has a ribbed connector designed to help dissipate heat, along with a glass connector that helps cool your vapor before it hits your mouth. 


The Atmos Studio Rig Attachment System is definitely noteworthy for its high-end construction and feel. All of the extra attachments and options put it well above some of the other e-nail products on the market right now. It is solder free and built using the best titanium, ceramics and glass, so you can count on quality. 

If you have been searching for an e-nail rig at a fair price that gives you more bang for your buck, the Atmos is the one to have. Atmos was very thoughtful in their design and approach to this device, making it a top performer and a real joy to work with. It offers more options and cleaner vaping at every turn. 


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