Aspire NX75 MOD Review

Aspire NX75 MOD Review

Aspire NX75

The Aspire NX75 Mod is an interesting new revelation in the vaping world. Aspire is a name now synonymous with quality and value for fans of compact box mods. The NX75 builds upon that reputation with a handful of advanced features, and an interesting new layout that makes it fun and easy to vape. 

The Bodyaspire-nx75w-tc-box-mod-red-andd-black

The Aspire NX75 Mod starts off by greeting you with a thick, high quality rubberized finish in black or red. When you pick it up, it feels solid and sturdy, without any sign of a rattle or loose components. You will notice instantly that this mod has a few extra buttons compared to others in the arena. Aspire chose to include not just + and – buttons below the screen, but a simple switch between TC mode and VW mode at the top of the screen, just below the firing button. The jury is still out on whether or not this will cause accidental bumps during use. 

aspire-nx75w-tcThe Functions

For a 75W vape, the Aspire NX75 mod certainly struts its stuff. Aspire supports not just the typical variable wattage and temperature control modes, but also a variable voltage option, temperature coefficient of resistance (which is steadily gaining steam in the industry), and three memory mode slots for saving your favorite setups. All of this is controlled from the 0.86″ screen that graces the front of the device. 


Before we get into the performance of this device, we need to take a detour to look at the battery design. In an effort to fight back against short circuits and e-liquid leaks, Aspire used a creative self-contained battery case model to slide your battery in and out of the compartment, independently of the positive and negative leads. Once you master changing batteries, you will find that the device performs remarkably well in every setting. You will probably have more options than you can possibly use, but this gives you the ability to try many different things before you settle on your favorite. 

At a price point of around $40 it is definitely competitively priced with other 75W mods on the market. However, all of the added functionality, plus the small, well-rounded design makes it a great choice for vapers who want to try something new. 

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