Arizer Air Dry herb Vaporizer Review

Arizer Air Dry herb Vaporizer Review

The Arizer Air is a unique new dry herb vaporizer, hailing from the ancestry of the Solo. It is smaller in diameter and just a tad bit longer, cutting a slim figure in your hand or your pocket. Despite its smaller capacity and size, Airizer definitely didn’t skimp on the features and performance that put their brand on the map. 

Arizer Air Performance

When you pick up the Airizer Air you will notice it has a slightly different profile than other vape pens with a tiny mouthpiece jutting out of the vented top of the battery. The two pieces are easily assembled and disassembled for cleaning. You also may notice that some of the components in the vapor path are plastic instead of glass, however we didn’t note any negative effect on the flavor or fullness of the vape.

Rather, we found that the free airflow of this vape actually delivers quite proficiently with the vented ports. The Air features five different temperature settings, which are easy to choose between and allow you to make minor adjustments in your vaping experience between 338 degrees and 410 degrees. 

Arizer Air BuildArizer Air Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

The exterior of the Airizer Air is clean and sleek. The vented ports near the top of the battery serve to give it some attitude, while the plain single button on the front makes it possible for beginners to pick up this device without a problem.

Despite being smaller than the Solo, the Air is still quite hefty with nearly a one-inch diameter and a replaceable battery, which is a nice feature for those who dislike built-in batteries. For those concerned about protection, Airizer includes a clear sleeve that will protect it from scratches or damage if it tips over or gets dropped. 

Overall, the Airizer Air is a great way to enjoy dry herb vaping away from home. You should be careful with the stems, given their tiny size and relatively little support surrounding them. However, you do have the option to upgrade to glass stems from the Solo if you wish. The Air performs remarkably well at all five temperature settings and doesn’t require a lot of learning to set up or use initially. The replaceable battery is a nice upgrade as well. 

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