A review of the South Beach Smoke Golden Tobacco Cartridges

A review of the South Beach Smoke Golden Tobacco Cartridges

Great Golden Tobacco Flavor Cartridges From South Beach Smoke

With so many unique flavors to try, I sometimes forget how great it tastes to use a more traditional flavored cartridge. The South Beach Smoke Golden Tobacco Cartridges reminded me of how enjoyable a tobacco flavored cartridge can be.

The Company

One of the reasons I enjoy using South Beach Smoke products is because they stray a little from the mainstream. They offer a huge variety of different styles of vaporizers, and have many different e-liquid flavor options. They even give people the option of creating a unique blend of three different e-liquids, making a completely customized vaporizing experience for customers. Flavors of e-liquids include:

  • Orange Mint
  • Cheesecake Divine
  • Caribbean Coconut

Each flavor comes in three different flavor strengths and five nicotine strengths that range from no nicotine to a bold 24 mg. The e-liquids are all produced in the US and come from an FDA registered lab with FDA registered formulas.

South Beach Smoke Golden Tobacco CartridgesGolden Tobacco Cartridges

The Golden Tobacco Cartridges are designed to recreate the experience of smoking a European cigarette, or Camels, Marlboros, and other similar brands. The tobacco flavor is very rich and cannot be mistaken for anything else. The cartridges are pre-filled and come in 15, 30, or 45 count packs. This is unique in that most other brands sell cartridges in packs of five, and I noticed that I save some money buying them in higher quantities.

Ease of Use

Using the new cartridges is very simple. I take a cartridge, remove a cap, and screw it onto the battery. This ease comes in handy when I’m out at a bar and need to replace it quickly. Once it’s screwed in, I can start vaporizing right away.

Manual or Automatic Battery

The cartridges work with either manual or automatic batteries. The automatic battery works as soon as you start drawing in air from the electronic cigarette, and the manual battery starts atomization when you press and hold the battery. Although I prefer the automatic battery, I like knowing that I can get a manual one in the future and I won’t need to switch to a different type of cartridge.

Final thoughts

South Beach Smoke is a great company to use for variety and quality in electronic cigarette products. The Golden Tobacco Cartridge is one of the cartridges suited for people looking for a traditional vaporizing experience.

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