A review of the Express Classic Tobacco Cartridges from VaporFi

A review of the Express Classic Tobacco Cartridges from VaporFi

VaporFi Express Classic Tobacco Cartridges Rundown

I was pretty content with my VaporFi Express and the variety of fruity and sweet flavors that I was using, but I decided to change things up a little with the Classic Tobacco cartridges. It ended up being a great choice, and makes my starter kit complete.

The Device

The VaporFi Express starter kit is a great kit for the beginner looking to start using e-cigarettes. Very similar in size and feel to traditional cigarettes, these electronic cigarettes are a great replacement. Unlike some other models, this type comes with a refillable cartridge. In addition to being able to try all different kinds of e-liquids, I can refill my cartridges when I’m out for extended periods of time. There is also the option to use pre-filled cartridges, so I keep a supply of both types and can use whichever is most convenient.

The CartridgeVaporFi Express Classic Tobacco Cartridges

The Classic Tobacco Cartridges are pre-filled cartridges, so they take almost no time to replace and are extremely simple to use. As far as e-liquids go, the quality of VaporFi e-liquids stands out. All of them, including the classic tobacco, are made in the US and comply with high standards. The atomizer is located within the cartridge, and this attaches to the crystal tip battery. To replace a cartridge, I simply unscrew the two pieces and replace the old cartridge with a new one.

The Taste

The Classic Cartridges can be ordered 5 pack, and come in a carton that resembles a cigarette carton. They are easy to store in the smallest of bags, or in a pocket. The flavor tastes exactly as I imagined; it tastes like a traditional nicotine cigarette. With excellent vapor production, this cartridge provides an ideal e-cigarette vaping experience. The combination of taste, vapor production, and style make this product very similar to smoking a regular cigarette.

The Battery

The VaporFi Express also has an impressive battery life, and the starter kit includes two batteries to eliminate any worries I have about running out of battery. The cartridges also store quite a bit of e-liquids, so I can vape for as long as I want.

The Conclusion

The VaporFi Express Classic Tobacco Cartridges make vaping even more enjoyable. The way that the whole experience mimics cigarette smoking can help even the most serious smokers convert to electronic cigarettes.

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