A Review of the EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit

A Review of the EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit

EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit

While the Eversmoke company is one of the newer kids on the block, they have already developed a well deserved reputation as one of the more reputable e-cig retailers around. In particular, their Basic Starter Kit which retails for $49.99 is an excellent entree into the vaping scene for those who want to start with a slightly upgraded kit.

The Kit

Of course, Eversmoke’s mid-market entry includes a holder plus two lithium ion batteries – a smaller one for convenient travel use and a high-capacity one for use around the home. Both can be configured for manual or automatic use. In addition, you get a USB charger – convenient on trips when you only have your laptop an no access to a wall socket – and a standard wall chargeEverSmoke Basic Starter Kitr. The Basic Starter Kit also comes with five preloaded nicotine cartridges (equivalent to five packs of traditional cigarettes).


My faves about the EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit unit were its overall reliability. By that, I mean that everything worked the way it was intended and the nicotine cartridges lasted for the advertised period of time – almost 200 puffs in most cases. For those with even a little experience in the vape scene, this is a big deal as many retailers claim a 5 ml cartridge is good for 175-200 hits but the taste and effect drop off markedly after just 50 puffs.


My complaints with the Basic Starter Kit are quite minor but I smoke quite a lot and they may mean something to the more hardcore vaper. Most of their flavors taste the same so, if you are not a fan of tobacco flavored vaping products, you might want to look elsewhere. Secondly,the upgraded kit includes twice as much “complimentary” cartridges plus a car charger for just $30 more. This makes it a more attractive alternative for a heavy smoker.

The Bottom Line

The Eversmoke Basic Starter Kit is a solid, middle of the road vaping kit. It has enough bells and whistles to satisfy the newbie, but it doesn’t offer an extra value over most of its similarly priced competitors.

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