A Brief Overview of the VaporFi Air Starter Kit

A Brief Overview of the VaporFi Air Starter Kit

My Impressions of the VaporFi Air Starter Kit

As a long time smoker I’ve always been aware of the drawbacks and annoyances that come with smoking. Aside from the smoke itself bothering non smokers the smell it would sometimes leave on my clothing was a constant annoyance. With this in mind I decided to give electronic cigarettes a try. The VaporFi Air Starter Kit was affordable and offered all I needed to give e-cigs a fair assessment.VaporFi Air Starter Kit


  • A bit shallow I realize but the clearomizer is sharp looking. I reminded of something you’d see on sci-fi show. I figured if I’m going to be smoking e-cigs I might as well look cool doing it.
  • The battery life is great. I was afraid I’d have to throw it on the USB charger every few hours like my cellphone but nope. It lasted the day easily and never ran low when I needed it.
  • The vapor production was great. I read a lot of other brands didn’t produce enough vapor for some users which is one reason I went with VaporFi. Not only was there plenty of vapor but it was a constant amount too.
  • Lastly there are plenty of flavors available and you can mix them tooVaporFi Air Starter Kit


  • I tried out a few different flavors over the weeks and didn’t care for all of them. Mango for example I found too sweet and fruity. However, I really enjoyed the more heavy flavors like toffee. I guess it depends on personal taste but you may have to try a few to find your ‘brand’.
  • Taking it apart and refilling it took some practice. While its not the most complex device I’ve ever used you do have to pay attention to refill it. But with practice it gets easier but those first few tries had me taking my time.


After trying it for a few weeks I found the VaporFi Air Starter Kit to have been a great starting point. It allowed me to try out the brand without spending too much money and if I liked it offered plenty of accessories to enhance my use. If you’re an experienced vaper give them a try.

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